Photo Gallery

The Rideau Nautical Modellers gallery is currently hosted on Flickr, with photos contributed by club members to the Rideau Nautical Modellers Group Pool.

Some suggested photo tags are linked to below. By default, a random selection of photos is shown. Photos can also be selected by year, and several of our more popular meeting locations.

DSC_1744mod DSC_4383mod DSC_4684mod P1260042mod P1260192mod P1260575mod _JAI5553mod America HDRImod _JAI0603amod DSC_4987mod DSC_4992mod DSC_7884 DSC_8480 DSC_4964mod Tugboat Turning Orange Flying Sub Quovis Beauty Shot Velox Heading In Velox Reflection Quovid with Lights Quovis at Dusk PoV Water Taxi

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