Photo Gallery

The Rideau Nautical Modellers gallery is currently hosted on Flickr, with photos contributed by club members to the Rideau Nautical Modellers Group Pool.

Some suggested photo tags are linked to below. By default, a random selection of photos is shown. Photos can also be selected by year, and several of our more popular meeting locations.

_JAI1918amoda _JAI2054amoda _JAI0722amoda _JAI0520amoda _JAI0767amoda _JAI0126amoda DSCN0306moda _JAI8841amoda _JAI8605amoda _JAI8611amoda 7-22-2015_128 _JAI8131amoda _JAI8164amoda 2015 08 01 RNM in Merickville 2015 08 01 RNM in Merickville 7-19-2015_031 _JAI7408amoda _JAI5704amoda _JAI5562amoda _JAI5315amoda _JAI5196amoda _JAI4907amoda _JAI4010amod _JAI4207amod _JAI3795a _JAI2512amoda _JAI2522amoda _JAI2507amoda

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