Photo Gallery

The Rideau Nautical Modellers gallery is currently hosted on Flickr, with photos contributed by club members to the Rideau Nautical Modellers Group Pool.

Some suggested photo tags are linked to below. By default, a random selection of photos is shown. Photos can also be selected by year, and several of our more popular meeting locations.

_JAI1115 _JAI1117 _JAI1135 _JAI1178 _JAI1184 _JAI8037 _JAI8156 _JAI8161 _JAI8066 _JAI8210 7-22-2015_128 8-5-2015_034 _JAI7442amoda _JAI7610amoda _JAI7189amoda _JAI7408amoda _JAI7480amoda DSC_1641mod _JAI2271mod _JAI2276amod _JAI2291amod _JAI2338amod _JAI2352amod _JAI7996a _JAI8001a Captain we have a problem !!!!! 2014 Perth Stinger RNM II Cruiser Slightly Overpowered PT Boat PT Boat with Camera CGS Velox Stinger Flies Over Water Bob's Deap V

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