R/C Boat Club
Ottawa, Ontario

The “Rideau Nautical Modellers” is a club in Ottawa, Ontario whose members share an interest in building and operating various types of radio-controlled water craft. These include both surface craft and submarines. The only restriction on the type of craft is that internal combustion engines are not permitted. Electric, steam, and wind-powered vehicles make up the fleet.

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Random Photo
Members of the Rideau Nautical Modellers meet regularly to exchange information about matters of common interest, including assembly and design techniques. The club also organizes and conducts demonstrations, shows and related events where members display their vessels or operate them on ponds, lakes and rivers. During the winter months, the club makes outings to indoor pools.

Rideau Nautical Modellers is a non-profit club which collects a small annual fee to cover operating costs, the largest of which is public liability insurance. The club also incorporates an elected executive committee comprising a president, a vice-president, a treasurer, and a secretary.

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