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Club Event Workbooks

by Rolly Nantel, February 2017

The Rideau Nautical Modellers are having more fun than ever thanks to the assistance of Microsoft Excel Workbooks designed by one of the members. The worksheets have been designed to facilitate and minimize the work involved in keeping track of regatta timings and non-profit auctions transactions.

The Rideau Nautical Modellers welcome other organizations to download these spreadsheets for their club use. The spreadsheets are easy to customize, as the headings can be changed on the first sheet of each workbook, and is linked to all others.

Downloads and General Operation Instructions

Auction Workbook


The Auction Workbook is designed to handle a typical auction with up to 50 participants and 10 sales each.

  1. Each participant is given an ID/Lot # (1 to 50), and his or her name listed on the Master sheet.
  2. Participants who have items to sell will ID all of their items with their ID/Lot #.
  3. Participants purchasing an item will do so under their own ID #. Simply enter the buyer’s ID # and purchase price on seller’s “Lot” row in the Master sheet.
  4. At the end of Auction, all auction transactions must be done through the cashier (private sales between participants remains private and have nothing to do with auction cashier). This way, auction participants who had sales and/or purchases will only have to deal with the difference, Pay to or Collect from the cashier.
  5. Slide the mouse pointer to the right of the sheet, to view the tally of all transactions. These are running totals, meaning that a participant can deal with the cashier and leave at any time.
  6. Scroll to the proper ID line for the participant at your desk to cash out.
  7. Once a participant has collected from or paid the cashier, click on the “CLEAR to Go” cell next to participant’s ID# and mark it “X” indicating he/she is clear to go.
  8. If equipped with a printer, you may print a receipt by typing the participant’s ID# in the box at the top left of receipt section and a receipt will be displayed ready to print. Repeat the previous steps 6, 7, 8 for each participant.

Sub-Regatta Workbook


The Sub-Regatta Workbook consists of two events of predicted log competition, handling up to 40 participants, as well as tallying of the "people's choice" votes for best model.

  1. List all participants on Event 1 worksheet and the listing will automatically be displayed on Event 2 sheet, Consolidation Report sheet, and Best Model sheet.
  2. Participants must predict his/her time to run each course. The object is to finish the course close to your predicted time without the use of a watch.
  3. At the end of each event, the worksheet will display the first, second, and third place winner of the round.
  4. At the end of round 2, click on the Consolidation Report sheet to view rounds 1 and 2 averages, and the first, second, and third place over-all winners.

Regatta Workbook


The Regatta Workbook contains a Predicted Log event, a Blind Piloting event, a Rescue event, and a Speeder's Delight event. All are individual events.

  1. The Predicted Log event works the same as a single round in the Sub-Regatta sheet, explained in the notes above.
  2. The Blind Piloting works in teams of two, where the operator has his/her back to the water and is given piloting instructions by the team partner. The second round, the roles are reversed. The object is to run the course in the least amount of time. The Consolidation sheet will display the team results.
  3. The Rescue event consists of having to retrieve a broken vessel by pushing it back to shore in the least amount of time.
  4. The Speeder's Delight is a speed race though a set course.

In Finishing...

Have fun without the stress of stats. All that you need is a stop watch and laptop computer running a spreadsheet program.

Rolly Nantel

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